What Does Summer Mean to You?

As a kid, I lived for summer break.  It was signaled by the ring of the bell on the last official day of school.  Kids would run out of classrooms and throw their school papers in the air as they bolted from building after building.  Campus looked more like a ticker tape parade than a school setting.  The teachers never seemed to mind; probably because they were right behind us, kicking the last of us out the door and throwing their planning books in the air too. 

The False Labels of Naegleria

Yesterday, I almost had to pull over while driving because I couldn’t stop the tears.  Another life is gone.  Another child will never grow up, graduate, fall in love or celebrate life again.  Another set of parents is heart-broken and for a while, simply broken.  Another fresh round of grief and sadness.  Sleepless nights.  Dreams eerily twisting together a fictional comfort of life-complete again and the agonizing reliving of a child’s last days.

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