Ringing in the Holiday Cheer

What does a Fire Wife, homeschooling mother of three daughters do to celebrate the hectic holidays with style and fun?  Write blogs, dye my middle daughter's hair a festive red and admire their candycane fingernail creations!

Of course, I can also help them plan their pampering day with their Aunt Diane over the holidays.  She only has boys and my girls just LOVE getting the chance to pamper her with hair, makeup, and manicures and pedicures, even if the final results leave a bit to be desired. 

All this, and tomorrow I have to harvest some ducks.  :)


I actually REALLY like the colored hair... only on Kacy though. I think there should be more colors - we'll work on it when you're out here. Oh yeah, and Diane looking like an Indonesian prostitute is fine with me as long as the girls have fun :-)

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