About Me


I am a FireWife.  It's not a term I heard somewhere or picked up from someone.  It's a term I've lived for the past thirteen years of being married to my fireman and, in turn, the fire service.  Just as firefighters are a breed of their own, so are FireWives.  We take care of things at home, at work, at school, at the department and in the community, around the clock.  Sometimes we get help, but early on we learn that the best laid plans ususally end in a fire call.

Being a FireWife is not for the weak-willed.  Despite the left at the alter feeling I've experienced time and time again, I wouldn't trade this life in for anything.  I'm married to a man who cares for our family better than I ever could have dreamed of.  He thinks the world of our three girls and me.  I can still turn him on just by walking in the room.  And to top it all off, he makes a living out of saving lives.  Yeah, I've got it made.

As for my place in our life; I do it all.  I don't go to work every day, but I'm a bit like Ma Ingalls and do pretty much everything around our mini-homestead.  After a couple years of dealing with my daughter's asthma and my husband's high cholesterol, I researched the heck out of modern health issues and their link to modern food production.  I figured something had to give, so I dove head-first into turning around our health and our lives.  It worked beautifully, but it's an addicting lifestyle for someone who was always old-fashioned at heart.  Trust me when I say that working at not going to work is actually hard work. 

Everyone take care, stay safe, and if you have any feedback, please post it so others can see!  If you want to get in touch with me, use the contact form.  I would love to hear from you.