Fire Wife Life Had a Blast at Flame Fest 2013!

Lori Mercer from Firefighter Wife and me.

One week ago, I had the pleasure of getting to attend the first ever national convention of firefighter wives.  This convention was organized by Lori Mercer, of Firefighter Wife.  Her blog can be found at  Along with the blog, Lori also runs a forum for fire wives from all over the world to be able to connect with each other, offer support, seek advice, and vent at the time when the fire life gets overwhelming.  Lori doesn't tackle this type of endeavor alone though.  She has enlisted the help of some ultra-wise firefighter wife friends to help her with everything from writing, to running the forums, to making Flame Fest run smoothly.  I'm just blessed enough to be included in this group of amazing women, along with Lyn from, Trina from, and Heather, Jennifer, Regina, and Jessie. 

The best part of the Firefighter Wife forums is that Lori has made sure from the start that there will be no man-bashing allowed and no catty woman comments either.  We are all fire wives, so we all face similar issues, despite the status of volunteer, paid, structural, wildland, seasonal, stay-at-home mom, childless wife, grandmother, newlywed, divorced and remarried, celebrating 30th anniversary, etc.  Meanness is not allowed in this group.  Life is full of mean people and horrible situations.  Fire lives are especially rampant with stress, strife, horrific scenes, adultery, and nasty competition, so Firefighter Wife forums are a safe place for fire wives to go seek the friendships and encouragement they need to strengthen their marriages and support their firemen like they've always wanted to.

Here are a few snapshots of the fun!  This first year was only a day and a half, but next year, we are hoping to make it even bigger.  With so many women who are already saving up for 2014, I bet we'll have to find room just to fit everyone.  I already can't wait for next year! 

Some of the firefighters who accompanied their wives got a chance to sign the Pink Heals Fire Engine, in honor of a loved one affected by cancer.


My fireman and me at the formal dinner.


Our girls and me on Savannah's Pink Heals Fire Engine.


The best (and sexiest) group of Trusted Advisors anywhere! 


I had so much fun and was so blesed to finally meet you in person!!!!!

It was awesome to get to meet you in person since I feel like I've known you my whole life!  I can't wait for next year already.

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