Orlando - A Typical Family Vacation

Well, the homeschooling year has finally begun again, much to the dismay of at least my two older daughters.  They live for summer, but what teen doesn't.  The last week befor school began though, we took a family vacation to Orlando, Florida to have the stereotypical American theme park experience.  We actually stayed at a hotel that is part of a Sea World resort package, so with our hotel, we also had unlimited access to Sea World and Sea World's Aquatica, their water park. 

Tri-Pawed the Wonder Kitty!

I can honestly say I never thought we would be caring for a kitty amputee in our household, but we are now.  We never planned on getting another kitten, but this one found us.  Typically in my life, the best pets have been the ones that have found us.  This little guy molds that theory into perfection.


Upcoming Homestead Projects

What to do?  What to do?  There are so many options lately of things that we want to do.  I guess the main questions are: What do we have the money for and what do we have the ongoing time for?

It has been just over a year since we moved into our cabin in the woods full time.  Throughout this past year we have:

Crashing Into the Teen Years Against Parental Will

There is a Chosen One.  Maybe this sounds like a title of high status.  Perhaps it even sounds hard-earned and well-deserved.  In this case though, the Chosen One is simply the unsolicited title for the rather unlucky sap who gets the privilege of being the first boy to hold the interest of, and have an interest in, one of our daughters.  No names here.  I wouldn’t do that to him.  The poor guy probably has no idea that I write at all, much less blog about anything and everything involving my girls, our firefighting family’s life, and our homestead.  Nonetheless, I write what’s on my mind,

What Does Summer Mean to You?

As a kid, I lived for summer break.  It was signaled by the ring of the bell on the last official day of school.  Kids would run out of classrooms and throw their school papers in the air as they bolted from building after building.  Campus looked more like a ticker tape parade than a school setting.  The teachers never seemed to mind; probably because they were right behind us, kicking the last of us out the door and throwing their planning books in the air too. 

Natural Diet for Dogs

With the addition of a new puppy to our household I'm exploring a whole new set of options in the natural and holistic realm.  I've always fed our pets the regular dog or cat food from the grocery store or the pet food store.  I've been keeping our indoor cats (only 2 of them) on a natural, grain-free cat food the past couple years.


How to Move a Homestead

Front porch swing!

How do you move a homestead? 


That’s a question that’s been nagging at me for a few months now.  At least I have good reason for this nagging issue.  We have been getting ready to do just that: move our entire homestead to the country!  Whaaat?!!   A homestead in the country?!  Who would have thought?

Fall Field Trip Lessons

Apple Pickers!

This past weekend we decided to take off.  We needed to get away from our self-made daily stresses and enjoy some fall feeling to the air.  We packed up our travel trailer, hooked it up to our diesel and death-fumes-emitting Excursion to haul it, pointed the nose north and headed up to apple country for Tradd’s 4 days off.  As with everything we do, there’s always the opportunity to learn, even when it’s not officially a “school day.”  Often times, it’s the non-school lessons that are the most important ones in life.  This trip was no different.


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